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Skargness is the only settled area of Whitesage Cay, a small island only a few miles wide off the Southeastern tip of the larger Haplen Isle. The town has a bustling brewery business known for its Whitesage Ale which is exported to far away lands as well as the nearby Haplen Isle. Due to the consistent flow of ships, the town has also turned into a prominent trade hub for the territory and has a rather large stockpile of goods on hand at any given time.

The population of Skargness consists mostly of an even number of middle class tradesmen and shop owners as lower class dock workers and laborers. Only a few wealthy families reside in town and there are no nobles, at least, none that are recognized to be as such.

Total: 3428

  • Wealthy: 49
  • Middle Class: 1387
  • Poor: 1992

Most of the residents of Skargness are dwarves who dominate the brewing business and delight in belittling and bullying the few humans, half-elves, halflings and other races who live in the area.

Some time ago, a mysterious group assumed control of the town and have been pulling the strings ever since from behind a veil of secrecy. Most of the townsfolk have grown accustomed to the mystery of their administrators and have accepted it as part of their way of life.

An ancient stone building sits in the very center of town and is inhabited by a group of dwarven scholars who tend to an archive which extends many feet below the structure. It is believed that the large population of dwarves is a result of a clan settling the area to maintain the archive many centuries ago.

Ruler’s Status
Mysterious, anonymous cabal.

Race Relations
Racial majority oppresses minority.

Known For
Known for its strong drink.


Notable Traits
Major trade center.
Headquarters of powerful family or guild.
Important library or archive.

Current Calamity
Economic depression (trade disrupted).


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